The Damsel of Dis-Stress

Rope Focused

CBT with rope
CBT suspension with canes

FUNctional Rope (comprehensive)

Yoga for Suspension Rope Tops  (2-part series)

Yoga for Suspension Rope Bottoms

Post Modern Rope Binding (Series)


Yoga for Littles (K-2 & 3-5)

Partner Yoga (acro)

Tantra Yoga for Couples

Booking fees based on travel expenses or proximity to event. Based in Midwest.

Performances can also be booked, contact direct to ask about demos and stage shows.

Classes Offered


Anger Mgmt For Tops

Edge Play Logistics

Non-Traditional BDSM toys

Predicament Bondage

Flogging and Safe Play

Devotional Sex & Remote Service

Mommy Domme (ageplay)

Body Awareness & Mindful Stretching for Impact Bottoms


Self Rejection and Social Anxiety 2nd Ed

Expectation Management for Poly & Beyond

Communication and Modern Sex

Psychological Predicament Bondage (Chastity for the mind)

BDSM for Mental Health

Working on a Lifestyle Book.

Coming Soon!

More Classes coming soon. Just ask if there is something you are looking for.

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